Alice Litten

Alice Litten was one of The Ultras. She was an antagonist and a bully of Carrie White.She is first seen playing volleyball. then she (along with Rhonda, Trudy and Ruth) is seen leaving the showers, naked during the opening. Alice was laughing when Carrie had her period. She was in Miss Collins's detention next to Mary. Alice was present at the prom. She was surprised to see Carrie with her dress and next to Frieda, She was also seen clapping when Carrie was nominated prom queen standing next to Trudy. During The Black Prom, Alice is seen running around with her boyfriend trying to find a way out . She is last seen running with her boyfriend towards an exit but backing up because they saw Carrie.

Alice's GalleryEdit


  • She is based on Rachel Spies from the novel.
  • It's rumored to she is named like the actress who portrayed her
  • In Spanish Dub, She is called Alicia

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