"Chinese Student" (Annie Chung) is a minor character in Carrie (2013).

She was a bully of Carrie White, because she laughed at her in class, along with Tina Blake. She is seen several times, while Tina laughs, and smiling when Carrie is reading her poem. Not much is known about her, but she was seen cheering for one of the students on the dance floor and in the trailer in an alternate scene of her running with the crowd to the doors.

It is unknown and unconfirmed, if she survived the massacre, but it is highly likely that she was electrocuted, too.


  • She was first seen in class laughing along with Tina, when Carrie read her poem. 
  • She is seen running towards the door ONLY in the alternate prom angle of the crowd running towards the exit. 
  • She may have survived, being so close to the doors, but it hasn't been confirmed. However it is more likely, that she was electrocuted, too.
  • It was proven, she was a minor Ultra because of her being Tina Blake's best friend. 
  • The Chinese Student had no lines in the movie, but laughing, which Pierce (director) probably wanted. 
  • Her name is rumored to be Annie Chung.

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