Billy Nolan w

Billy Nolan

as played by actor Jesse Cardotte in Carrie (2002).

In this version Billy is Chris Hargensen´s boyfriend. However, he is more dangerous than in the 1976 adaptation. He is portrayed as a mentally unstable, malicious delinquent, who is also the leader of a gang. He has a very dark sense of humour and surpasses Chris in malevolence. For the planned prank he slaughtered a pig without a second thought while the others hesitated. He then did put everything into motion with Chris knowingly, that what they were gong to do was criminal. He pressured Chris into throwing the blood upon Carrie. She willingly complied and following his instructions she did let the emptied bucket fall to the ground so that they would flee the scene of their crime, which did cost Tommy Ross´s life. This carefully orchestrated, evil prank was what caused the Black Prom. After realizing that their prank had caused horrible destruction to Chamberlain through his friend Jackie Talbot, he went with Chris to the town "to watch the fires". On the way he found Carrie.

It was then that his malice and insanity lead his downfall as he was killed by Carrie, when he tried to run her over, which also did cost Chris´s life, who was wiith him. The car collided with Carrie´s telekinesis, which then sent it to the next tree killing them both.