Carrie (1976)
Carrie (1976) is the first film adaption of Carrie. It was directed by Brian de Palma and is a supernatural horror film. The film was made one year after the publication of the novel and is considered a classic. It revived the horror genre.



Carrie Sissy Spacek
Margaret Piper Laurie
Sue Amy Irving
Tommy William Katt
Billy John Travolta
Chris Nancy Allen
Miss Collins Betty Buckley
Norma P.J. Soles
Mrs. Snell Priscilla Pointer
Mr. Fromm Sydney Lassick
Mr. Morton Stefan Gierasch
Freddy Michael Talbott
The Beak Doug Cox
George Harry Gold
Frieda Noelle North
Cora Cindy Daly
Rhonda Deirdre Berthrong
Ernest Anson Downes
Kenny Rory Stevens
Helen Edie McClurg
Tommy Cameron de Palma
Ruth Sharon Benson
Trudy Terry Bolo
Katie Katie Irving
Vance or Towers Dan Protheroe, James Saad, Mike Towers and Glen Vance


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