1. At the beginning of the movie, The girls were covered with towels and they had wet hair. But when Carrie was panicked, Most of the girls were already dressed and their hairs was already dry and stylized.
  2. At end of the movie, In the Sue's Dream, You can see a red car going backwards.
  3. When Ms. Collins is calling the role in the gym, She says ''Katie'' to Helen.
  4. Chris is having oral sex with Billy and talks him at the same time, Without her voice being distorted
  5. After the bucket of blood falls at Carrie, You can hear the blood spilling; Even though the bucket is already empty.
  6. In the ending scene when Mrs. Snell attempts to calm down her horrified daughter, Amy Irving's intense acting caused Priscila Pointer to call her "Amy".
  7. In a scene, Billy slaps Chris with the back of his hand, But a loud sound is heard. Although he did not actually slapped her so hard.
  8. When Norma and Helen are in the Salon, and they are talking about Carrie going to the prom with Tommy, Norma is getting her hair done for the prom. But in the next gym scene, she has her plain braids and a cap on.
  9. When the Afro Student catches Principle Morton he presumably is knocked unconscious but he seen crashing into Cora, Miss Collins, Frieda, Julia, Freddy, George, Rhonda, Ernest and other students.
  10. When Carrie starts to shut the doors Prom Girl is standing closer to the door but before she was standing before George and Frieda
  11. In one scene when Sue enters the prom, Julia and her date are outside but when Norma collects the ballots, Julia is inside with her date.