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Deborah is a supporting character in The Rage: Carrie 2, portrayed by Deborah Knox.

Deborah is friends with Monica Jones and becomes part of a prank over the outcast and seemingly ordinary Rachel Lang, unaware of Rachel's inner psychic powers.


Deborah joined Monica and her boyfriend Brad Winters to the Party at Mark Bing's house, aware of what they had planned. She pretended to be nice towards Rachel the whole time, stating she looked "Really Pretty" on their way to the Party. When the group showed their true faces, Deborah mocked Rachel as her taped loss of virginity with Jesse Ryan played for the guests to watch. Enraged, Rachel shattered the glasses behind them, knocking many down and killing some instantly. As a boy was cut on his throat, his blood splattered on Deborah's face, and she screamed in horror. Disoriented, she saw a fire poker moving by itself across her. Rachel noticed her running desperate among the others and, as Deborah rushed to the front door, she impaled her with several C.D. disks, killing Deborah.


  • An extended shot of Deborah and Monica reacting as Rachel's powers manifest is seen in the trailer, but not in the final cut of the film.
  • Deborah's death is similar to a scene in Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, in which Pinhead kills a D.J. by impaling him with C.D. discs.
  • Deborah is named "Amy" in the original script, and is described as a "Cute Redhead". She is a major character in comparison to her role in the final film:
    • Amy is often seen with Tracy and Monica, while in the film Deborah is only a background character until the night of the party.
    • Amy mentions "Dumb and Dumber, when the girl's husband showed up", after the English teacher asks the students if any of them know stories that end up with separation, like "Romeo and Juliet".
    • Amy bumps onto Barbara while she attempts to escape the massacre.
    • Amy comments she likes Rachel's nail color at the party.
  • She is based on Helen Shyres and Norma Watson.
  • She is named like the actress who portrayed her.