Deirdre Lucy Berthrong is an American actress, She was born in Baltimore on September 25, 1952.

Deirdre is married to actor Dennis Redfield, A retired actor that appeared in Born Too Soon (The movie that Deirdre co-produced) and she has 2 children

Currently, she lives in Los Angeles

She played Rhonda in the Carrie (1976).


Role Film Year
Valerie Charlie's Angels (Ep: Angels in the Stretch)

(Last role)

Unknown Eight Is Enough (Ep: Cops and Toddlers) 1978
Kathy Hunter James at 15 1977-1978
Debbie Hawaii Five-O (Ep: Tread the King's Shadow) 1978
Pat Kennedy Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy 1977
Leslie Johnston The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (Ep: The Flickering Torch Mystery) 1977
Sheila The Streets of San Francisco (Ep: One Last Trick) 1977
Rhonda Wilson Carrie (Film debut) 1976


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Notes Edit

  • Her acting career was short-lived (Only two years; 1976-1978)
  • She is the half-sister of Dina Lohan, the mother of Lindsay Lohan
  • She, Cindy Daly (Cora) and Betty Buckley (Miss Collins) all starred in Eight is Enough