Name: Erika Gogan
Role: Friend
Date of Birth: 1995
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Mouna Traore

Erika Gogan was the date of George Dawson to the Ewen High School prom.

She doesn't go to Ewen High; she attends Dover High School instead. She also might've dated George outside of the prom.

Erika complimented Carrie's dress saying, "I love your dress. Where did you get it?" When Carrie tells her she made it, Erika is surprised.

Erika is seen dancing with George when the Civil Wars' song "Dust to Dust" plays. She is sitting with George at the table behind the table where Carrie and Tommy are sitting.

When Tommy and Carrie win Prom King and Queen, Erika is happy for Carrie. She smiles and claps along with her boyfriend and also yells out, "Wooo!" However, after Carrie is drenched in blood, she makes a disgusted and surprised face.

During the rampage, she ran with George most of the time.


Actress Mouna Traore who played Erika revealed that Erika survived the prom massacre and if Carrie gets a director's cut, it will show how Erika survived.