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Frieda Jason is a minor character in Carrie (2013). She is portrayed by AirRese Marie.

She is first seen leaving the school with her friend and at lunch with her other friends while looking and laughing at Carrie when Tommy asks her to Prom. She than later appears at the Prom dancing with her date George Chizmar and when Carrie wins Prom Queen she is seen clapping for her. However as soon as the pig's blood gets dumped on Carrie she is than shock and disgusted but eventually burst in laughter when the locker room video begins to play on the projection screens. But when Tommy is than killed by the bucket and Carrie begins to weep over his body she is than later in shock again than when Carrie starts the mayham she is than seen running to the gym doors with the others hoping to get out.

It is unknown if she survived The Black Prom.


  • Her actual role of was given to Erika Gogan.
  • She along with Helen Shyres are cheerleaders.
  • According to IMDb she is known as Student Dancer #3.
  • Her name is also seen on the Prom King And Queen ballot.
  • She is the only Frieda that was ever mean and ever bullied Carrie.


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