Ross, if I knew you'd look this sharp, I would've taken you instead of, uh... What's her name?
George Dawson

George Dawson is a character in Carrie (1976). He appears in a flashback in The Rage: Carrie 2. He is portrayed by Harry Gold

He is best friends with Tommy and The Beak. He is first seen in Mr. Fromm's class and then he is seen in the tuxedo shop with Tommy and the Beak. At the prom he compliments Carrie Then he is seen kissing Frieda and later he is disgusted when the blood spilled on Carrie. She hallucinates him laughing and during the chaos he is seen arguing to Mr Fromm about the prank. He, along with Miss Collins, Ernest, the beak, The Wilson Sisters and Frieda, Attended to carry Tommy's body. But other people bump into them causing them thrown out of view. He's presumably burned to death.