Unknown Girl in Red Dress

Name: None/"Red Dress"
Role: Bully
Status: Deceased
Cause of Deaths: Falls off of bleachers.
Portrayed by: Unknown

The unnamed girl in the red dress is a minor character in "Carrie (2013)".


This minor character may have been a bully of Carrie and could have possibly thrown tampons at her. She also may have possibly been next to Sue when she saw Chris about to pour the blood on Carrie.

When Sue was looking at the bucket, she along with a few other students gave Sue an odd look, confused.

Red Dress

Possibly the girl in the red dress, next to Sue with an odd look.

When the massacre occurs, she runs up the bleachers with Jackie Talbot and Kenny Garson attempting to escape, but is hardly slammed off by Carrie when she closes the bleachers on Jackie and Kenny who tries to grab her dress, but fails to.

Red Dress possibly dies of a broken back, cracking her neck from the fall or getting crushed.



  • She along with four other minor characters appeared in various scenes, but had no lines.
  • There is An Error, When she is supposed to be dead or Knocked Unconcious, you can see her run by the twins after they fall to the floor.