Heather Shyres
Name: Heather Shyres
Role: Bully
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Face smashed against a window
Portrayed by: Samantha Weinstein

Heather is the tertiary antagonist in Carrie (2013). She is portrayed by Samantha Weinstein.


Heather and Nicki, Lizzy, Tina, And Chris

Heather along with Chris, Nicki, and Tina watching Carrie sobbing.

Heather was a member of The Ultras. She was one of the popular girls who tormented Carrie in the Locker Room. Heather also took place in throwing tampons at Carrie yelling, "Plug it up." She is also seen giving Carrie a pity look because of her crying.
Heather In Detention.

Heather as Chris asks her to ditch detention along with her.

Heather is forced to be in Miss Desjardin's detention because she took part in tormenting Carrie. When Chris asks Heather if she will take part in ditching detention with her, she ignores her and looks away. When Carrie uses her telekinetic powers to break the Bathroom mirror, Heather walks in with a normal look, confused and not understanding what just happened. She also notices when Sue isn't feeling well while they are decorating, hinting Sue's pregnancy.
Heather at Salon

Heather at the Hair Salon

Heather later gets ready for the Prom with Tina and The Watson Twins. Heather is seen getting her hair curled. She also says, "I know Chris isn't coming. She is suspended" to Tina and The Watson Twins. She attends the Prom with Brian Maxwell. At the Prom, Heather helps Tina and The Watson Twins collect the ballots, implying she agrees and helps with the prank. When Sue arrives she asks Heather where Chris is, Heather lies and says she isn't there. When the blood is poured on Carrie and the Shower Video is shown, she bursts into laughter along with the rest of The Ultras and the students. However, Heather also quickly notices when Carrie's blood begins floating and begins to worry and attempts to flee with Brian, pulling him towards the door. When he refuses to leave, she lets go and continues towards the door.

Heather's death.

When Carrie sends her telekinetic shockwave, knocking everyone down, Heather fearfully begins running as fast as possible to the exit. Before she can make it out, Carrie throws her across the room and smashes her into the fire door window which kills her. The window cracks it and leaves a spot of blood behind.


  • Her death was confirmed on Twitter by her portrayer Samantha Weinstein.[1]
    • That is also where her name was officially confirmed.[2]
    • She also confirmed, that Heather had no last name.
  • For fan purposes, Samantha Weinstein gave her the surname "Shyres".[3] However, no official sources have named the character this.
  • In some drafts, Heather had knowledge of the prank and told Sue a lie about not knowing, however, in the final cut, she was not a part of it.[4]
  • Samantha confirmed that Kimberly said Heather was a hybrid of a few characters from the 1976 film and the novel.
  • Heather seems partly based on Helen Shyres, being the best friend to Sue and having red hair.