Jackie Talbot was one of the friends of Billy Nolan. Together with others they raided a pig farm and slashed two of the pigs, whose blood Billy placed into two buckets and spilled onto Tommy and Carrie during the Prom after being elected Prom King and Queen.

He was uncomfortable with the situation, but Billy intimidated him into going along with it. He also objected to killing the second pig, feeling they got enough blood from the first one. Jackie did not know that the blood was going to be thrown on Carrie, and was horrified when Billy confirmed that he had done so. During Carrie's rampage, Jackie was out drinking with his friends when the town started burning. Jackie drove them home safely, then went to warn Chris and Billy. However, Billy rebuffed him and told him to just go home and not tell anyone what happened. However, Billy believed that the others would go to the police at the first opportunity.

It is implied he blamed the prank on Chris and Billy to save himself after the events surrounding The Black Prom.