Kathleen O'Shea also known as Katie O'Shea was a minor character and a member of The Ultras.

She is portrayed by Katie Irving, who also wrote and sang two songs for the film "Born to Have It All" and "I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me".

She was seen during the game of volleyball and in the opening, completely naked. But she was present when Carrie is having her period. She is later seen in detention chewing her hair and looking bored and she attended the calisthenic. During the prom she is nominated Prom Queen but loses to Carrie.When Carrie is nominated she is seen clapping behind her, when the blood was dropped on Carrie she presumably burst into laughter. When Carrie leaves the prom Katie's body can be seen being dragged across, she either was sprayed by the hose and fell on the floor either killing her or knocking her unconsicous

She burned to death along with everyone else in the gym.

Quotes Edit

  • "Present" - When Miss Collins asks if she is present


Katie's Gallery Edit

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