Lisa Carrie 2
Lisa Parker is a character in The Rage: Carrie 2, portrayed by actress Mena Suvari. Lisa is the only female friend of Rachel Lang, and commits on campus suicide after losing her virginity to popular high school jock Eric Stark.

Character biographyEdit

Lisa was Rachel's close friend. The two had similar tattoos depicting a heart surrounded by thorns, similar to the Sacred Heart, on their arms to symbolize their bond. Rachel kept a photograph of the two with her dog Walter. One weekend, Lisa went out with Eric and lost her virginity to him. Lisa was then dumped by him, discovering she had been nothing but a score in a sex game.

One morning on their way to Bates High School, an apparently radiant Lisa told Rachel that she had lost her virginity over the weeked, but did not tell her with whom. Lisa gave Rachel her photograph films of the weekend for Rachel to reveal. While they went into different classes, Lisa walked to the campus roof and killed herself, falling on a car windshield, much to the students' horror.

Rachel waited for her and noticed the unrest at the parking lot and, as she found Lisa's dead body on the car, her inner, violent telekinetic powers manifested throughout the school, unlocking every cupboard on campus. Shickerd, Rachel approached Lisa's dead body, touching her blood, and was comforted by school counselor Sue Snell.


Grieving, Rachel was later interrogated by Sheriff Kelton over the incident, and told them how fine she seemed prior to killing herself. Rachel then ran into the woods where she remembered Lisa with her blood on hands. Rachel suffered nightmares of Lisa's suicide and once saw her own dead body instead of hers on the car.

Lisa's death also schocked Jesse Ryan who discussed the event with his cold-hearted girlfriend Tracy, to whom Lisa was not "anyone". The loss brought Jesse close to Lisa's only friend, Rachel. Rachel revealed her picture with Eric, which led Sherriff Kelton to find out about Eric's part in her death.

After Rachel is caught in a prank by Bing, Tracy, Monica and Eric himself in which she is made to believe she was just a score to Jesse like Lisa was to Eric. The group also insults Lisa's memory and taunt Rachel. causing her to strike up a horrible massacre using her powers.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Despite being so close, Rachel apparently never shared her gift with Lisa. This implies Rachel repressed it even from herself.
  • Chuck asks "Whose car is this?" as he films Lisa's dead body.
  • Mena Suvari's starred alongside Eddie Kaye Thomas (Arnie) in American Pie and American Pie 2.