"Dress" GirlsAfro Student (1976)Alice's Boyfriend (1976)
Alice Litten (1976)Annie Chung (2013)Annie Jenks
Ansel ElgortArlene Walsh (2013)Arnold (The Rage)
Barbara Lang (The Rage)Betty BuckleyBilly Nolan
Billy Nolan (1976)Billy Nolan (2002)Billy Nolan (2013)
Billy Nolan (Literary)Black Prom (novel)Blue Dress Girl (1976)
Book-Film DifferencesBrad (2013)Brad Winters (The Rage)
Brian Maxwell (2013)Brian de PalmaCameron de Palma
Carrie (1976)Carrie (1976) GoofsCarrie (2002)
Carrie (2013)Carrie (Novel)Carrie White
Carrie White (1976)Carrie White (2002)Carrie White (2013)
Carrie White (Novel version)Carrie WikiChelan Simmons
Chloë Grace MoretzChris HargensenChris Hargensen (1976)
Chris Hargensen (2002)Chris Hargensen (2013)Chris Hargensen (Literary)
Chuck PotterCindy DalyCoach Walsh (The Rage)
Cora SimardCynthia PrestonDale Norbert
David CarsonDeborah (The Rage)Deborah Knox
Deirdre BerthrongDeputy D.A. (The Rage)Detective John Mulchaey (2002)
Donna & Mary Lila Grace Thibodeau (2002)Donna KelloggDonna Thibodeau
Dr. Dean L. McDuffy (2013)Edie McClurgEditing
Edwin Ulmann (2013)Emily BerglEric Stark (The Rage)
Eric´s father (The Rage)Erika Gogan (2013)Ernest Peterson (1976)
Ernest Peterson (2013)Estelle HoranFern (2002)
Freddy "The Beak" HoltFreddy DeLoisFreddy DeLois (1976)
Freddy Holt (2013)Frieda Jason (1976)Frieda Jason (2013)
Gardening GirlGeorge Dawson (1976)George Dawson (2013)
Georgette ShyresGirl in Red DressGirl with Glasses (The Rage)
Harry GoldHead Commissioner (2013)Heather (2013)
Helen FinchHelen ShyresHelen Shyres (1976)
Helen Shyres (2002)Helen Shyres (2013)Helen Shyres (Literary)
Henry GrayleImportant Notice!!!Jackie Talbot
Jackie Talbot (2002)Jackie Talbot (2013)Jackie Talbot (Literary)
Jesse Ryan (The Rage)Jessica UpshawJessica Upshaw (2002)
John HargensenJosie VreckJudith Cochran
Julia McDermitt (1976)Karissa StrainKatie Irving
Katie O'Shea (1976)Katie StrainKenny
Kenny GarsonKenny Garson (1976)Kenny Garson (2002)
Kenny Garson (2013)Kenny Garson (Literary)Lisa Parker (The Rage)
List of AdministratorsList of DeathsLorlei
Lou Garson (2002)Madeline (2002)Margaret White
Margaret White (2013)Mark Bing (The Rage)Mary Blake (1976)
Mary Lila Grace (1976)Mary Lila Grace ThibodeauMiss Collins (1976)
Miss Desjarden (2002)Miss DesjardinMiss Desjardin (2013)
Miss Desjardin (Literary)Monica Jones (The Rage)Mr. Fromm (1976)
Mr. MortonMr. Morton (1976)Mr. Snell
Mrs. HoranMrs. JohansenMrs. Snell (1976)
Mrs. Snell (2013)My Name is Susan SnellNicki and Lizzy Watson (2013)
Noelle NorthNorma WatsonNorma Watson (1976)
Norma Watson (2002)Norma Watson (Literary)Obnoxious Student (2002)
Officer Jacob PlessyPatricia Pollack (1976)Piper Laurie
Portia DoubledayPrincipal GraylePrincipal Morton
Rachel Lang (The Rage)Rachel SpiesRachel Spies (2002)
Red Tuxedo Guy (1976)Rhonda SimardRhonda and Cora Wilson
Roy Evarts (2002)Ruth GoganRuth Gogan (1976)
Ruth Gogan (2002)Samantha WeinsteinSharon Benson
Sheriff Kelton (The Rage)Sissy SpacekStefan Gierasch
Stephen KingSue SnellSue Snell's Daughter (2013)
Sue Snell's SisterSue Snell (1976)Sue Snell (2002)
Sue Snell (2013)Sue Snell (Literary)Sydney Lassick
TelekinesisTerry BoloTest
The Black Party (The Rage)The Black Prom (1976)The Black Prom (2002)
The Black Prom (2013)The MayorThe Mortimer Snerds
The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)The Senior D.A. (The Rage)The Ultras (1976)
The Ultras (2002)The Ultras (2013)The Ultras (The Rage)
The Wilson SistersTimelineTina Blake
Tina Blake (2002)Tina Blake (2013)Tina Blake (Literary)
Tommy Erbter (1976)Tommy Erbter (2002)Tommy Erbter (2013)
Tommy RossTommy Ross (1976)Tommy Ross (2002)
Tommy Ross (2013)Tommy Ross (Literary)Tracy Campbell (The Rage)
TriviaTrudy Borne (1976)Vance or Towers
Vic MooneyVirus ZWe survived the Black Prom
Zoë Belkin

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