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Margaret White was played by Julianne Moore. Margaret was married to Ralph White. She works in a shop where she makes dresses for the townspeople.

She is a Christian fundamentalist and everything indicates, she also has a mental problem because she believes that everything in this world is sinful, including within marriage.

She continually abused Carrie because of sins that she thinks she may have commited to the extent of even throwing her into a closed room to pray correspondingly.

When she finds about Carrie´s intentions of going to the Prom with Tommy Ross, Margaret didn´t want her to go and tried to force her to act correspondingly, but Carrie defended herself telekinetically. When she found out about it, she thought it was Satan, who was possessing Carrie.

After Carrie returns home from the prom, Margaret attempts to murder her daughter. Margaret died the same way in the 1976 version, but the only difference is that she died in Carrie´s arms after she released her from that position and not before.


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