We can't win a game with her on the team
Mary Blake
Name: Mary Blake
Role: Bully
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: N/A

Mary Blake is a minor character in Carrie (1976).

She is first seen in the volleyball game, But she was not present in the locker room. Her last name is heard during the role call by Miss Collins, and she looks up. Mary was not present durant calisthenic because she skipped the detention. So she received the three days suspension and the refusal of her prom tickets.


  • She is based on Tina Blake from the novel, who is Chris's best friend and the one who possibly swaps the ballots. However, in this adaption Tina's role of being Chris's best friend is combined with Norma Watson.
  • It is unknown, why she was not given her role from the novel. It is likely because they decided to combine the Norma Watson character with Tina Blake.
  • Many thought Norma Watson (P.J. Soles) was Tina Blake, because of her having the bigger role, but this actress turns out to be the real one. 
  • She is the only Mortimer Snerd member to be alive, Because she was not present at Prom due to her suspension.
  • She is one of the few characters who their names were changed in the film.
  • In the Spanish Dub, Her name is María.