Miss Rita Desjarden is a character from the 2002 version of "Carrie."


In the 2002 version, Miss Desjarden is portrayed by actress Rena Sofer. In this version of the film, Miss Desjarden is shown to be a bit tougher than Miss Collins in the original film.

After Carrie is bullied by the other girls after she has her first menstrual period, she puts a stop to the bullying and consoles Carrie. After meeting with the principal over the matter, both of them agree to give Carrie the rest of the day off.

When Miss Desjarden discovers that Chris Hargensen and her friend, Tina Blake were responsible for the locker room incident (along with filling up Carrie's locker with tampons), she angrily throws a bag of tampons at the girls and announces that they have been sentenced to a week of detention, warning them that skipping detention would result in a three-day school suspension and banishment from the prom.

Chris (who refuses to take her punishment) storms out. Principal Morton reprimands Ms. Desjarden for this, but stands by her when Chris's father threatens to sue unless Chris is allowed to go to the prom.

While at the prom, Miss Desjarden talks to Carrie about her own prom experience in which her date carried a fake gun to impersonate James Bond & he ended up getting arrested and she stayed at the prom alone until her father picked her up. She tells Carrie that things change & not only for the best: the pretty, popular girls will be fat, cute boys will be bald and the miserable ones might have a happy life.

When Carrie begins destroying the gym telekinetically (in revenge for being drenched in pigs' blood), Miss Desjarden sends two students to carry an unconscious Tommy Ross and leads an escape through a vent (instead of the fire doors like in the book).

Miss Desjarden is the last one to leave and nearly gets electrocuted after Carrie uses her telekinetic powers to move the chair, leaving her to hang (revealing to the detective that she urinated herself trying not to get electrocuted), but she survives & is able to escape.

Miss Desjarden reports the events to Detective John Mulchaey, revealing her realization to him that Carrie must have had telekinetic powers and that she used them on the Black Prom by telling about the desk of Principal Morton after the shower incident in the presence of Carrie White & combining it with what she saw at the Black Prom after the prank.


  • According to her, she had her first period at age 10.
  • Her surname is spelled Desjarden rather than Desjardin as it is in the novel. It is unknown why.