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Miss Desjardin watching in horror as Tina gets brutally whipped

Miss Rita Desjardin is a character from "Carrie (2013)". She was portrayed by Judy Greer.


In this film version, her lines were similar to Betty's lines in the original.

Miss Desjarden is first seen telling the ladies to get their caps on and get in the water to play pool volleyball.

She is then seen trying to calm down Carrie and slaps her to get sense back into her. She then brings Carrie to the office and explains her that she had a period which is something Carrie didn´t know.

Miss Desjardin punishes the girls for their behavior and for having posted the event on the Internet. She also suspends Chris for refusing to submit to the punishment and enforces it in front of her father by exposing her as the person, who published the video in the Internet, something she suspected from the observations she made.

Miss Desjardin tells Carrie how beautiful she is and tells her what she can wear at the prom. She warns Tommy and Sue not to play a joke on Carrie, similar to all the other versions.

Miss Desjardin is at the prom dancing and enjoying herself and talks to Carrie. Later, when Carrie is humilated, she tries to reach out to her, but Carrie pushes her to the ground. She is shocked when she sees Tommy die.

During Carrie´s revenge, Miss Desjardin is seen watching in horror as Tina is getting electrocuted and burned to death. 

Before Carrie electrocutes the people in the gym, she grabs Miss Desjardin by the throat in a chokehold and throws her to the stage into safety, away from the wet gym floor, thus saving her from death (getting electrocuted) which most of the people inside the place have.

Miss Desjardin expresses shock and disbelief when she sees Carrie flying out of the place and the school. She is last seen outside the gym, wearing a cast on her arm, looking severely traumatized and telling silently to Sue that Tommy is dead.