Oh, she looked awful.
Nicki and Lizzy about Sue
Nicki and Lizzy Watson
Name: Nicki Watson
Lizzy Watson
Role: Bullies
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Trampled
Portrayed by: Karissa Strain (Nicki)
Katie Strain (Lizzy)

Nicki and Lizzy Watson are a pair of narcissistic twin sisters and members of The Ultras. They serve as the secondary antagonists and are portrayed by Karissa and Katie Strain.


The twins are a part of Chris' clique of friends. They are usually seen tormenting Carrie.

Nicki and Lizzy in detention

They are part of the detention held by Miss Desjardin. Chris asks them to leave with her, but they cowardly ignore and stay behind. When Chris comes into the gym fussing to the Ultras about Morton and Desjardin, Heather and Ernest leave. But Nicki, Lizzy and Tina stay behind with their eyes on Sue and Chris arguing.
Sue also spots them while decorating for the gym. They are with Tina Blake looking at the video from the locker room.

"Oh, She looked awful."

The twins get ready for prom with Heather Shyres and Tina. They talk about how awful Sue looked and even use each other as mirrors while getting their hair fixed.

Carrie arrives.

When Carrie arrives at the Prom, they stare at her. They are part of the prank and help Tina collect and swap the king and queen ballots.

When Carrie begins using her telekinesis, she uses it to turn on the sprinklers causing many people to slip and fall. Nicki and Lizzy attempt to flee during this, but Carrie notices them and uses her telekinesis to slam them down to the ground.

They attempt to get up, but Carrie uses her TK to hold them down and people begin trampling them and they eventually die because of it.

Original Death

In the original script, Nicki and Lizzy aren't confirmed as sisters, just friends.

Nicki is the equivalence of Norma Watson and plays a more prominent role in the prank. Lizzy is a minor character

Tina keeps nodding to Nicki (who instead of Tina) is the one who is at the computer and the one who sneaks Chris and Billy in.Nicki plays the video after the prank and Lizzy trips Carrie as she makes her way out.

During the mayhem Nicki and Lizzy (alongside Harry and Greg) are crushed by the bleachers, like how Jackie was killed in the final script.


  • They are based on Norma Watson and The Thibodeau Sisters from the novel.
  • Fans once believed their surnames were "Wilson". Although Katie Strain (Lizzy) said they didn't have one.
  • The original script revealed that Nicki once held the last name Watson, so it is used for both of the twins.
  • The twins are usually seen wearing pink and blue. The one in the pink is Lizzy and Nicki is in the blue.


  • Both: (about Sue) "She looked awful."
  • Nicki: (about Chris) "She's suspended."
  • Nicki: (to Tina) "More ballots for you."
  • Lizzy: "We have to get to the door."
    • Lizzy: "Nicki!"
    • Nicki: "Lizzy!"
    • Lizzy: "Nicki!"


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