Norma Watson
Name: Norma Watson
Role: Bully
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Meghan Black

Norma Watson is a character from Carrie (2002). She is portrayed by Meghan Black.


This version of Norma is similar to her 1976 counterpart in name only, but she had a larger role than P.J. Soles.

Norma was senior-class president and was good natured, showing a large amount of pep. She was not very popular and was unliked by her peers due to her overly-friendly and annoying ways of interacting with people. She was also occasionally taunted by Chris Hargensen and Tina Blake for her knowlegeble know-it-all demeanor. Norma was one of the girls who tormented Carrie in the locker room, when she had her period, despite being friendly, but later complimented Carrie at the prom and sympathized for her when she got drenched in pig blood. She announced Carrie and Tommy as Prom Queen and King, thinking that their win was due to a large amount of pity votes. When Carrie began her rampage, Norma panicked, but she survived by escaping through a vent along with a few classmates and Miss Desjardin. During the massacre, she was screaming, "HELP ME!" over and over again until Miss Desjardin came over to her. After the disaster, Norma testified for the police and later realized through them, that Carrie had been the victim of a carefully orchestrated evil prank in which the ballots were correspondingly switched to set her up. She expressed shock, disbelief and disgust for what happened.


  • This Norma is nothing like her 1976 counterpart.
  • She was picked on by Helen Shyres multiple times. 
  • She is seen to be very annoying, as many fans say and very awkward, thus making her "not popular." 
  • It was implied, she would appear in the TV series that never happened because of the bad and low ratings of the TV film.