Look at her! Just standing there! She can't even hit the ball!!
Cora to Carrie after her team lost because of Carrie

Cora and Rhonda Wilson are a pair of twin sisters in Carrie (1976), who are a part of The Ultras led by Chris Hargensen. They are played by Cindy Daly and Deirdre Berthrong.


Cora Wilson Edit


Cora and Rhonda at the prom

She is the sister of Rhonda Wilson.

She is a member of The Ultras and takes part in the shower prank. She is in the detention led by Miss Collins. She is nominated Prom Queen but also helps count the ballots. Cora can be seen dancing at the beginning of the prom with The Beak who was her date to the prom.

Cora's Death

Cora is also seen staring at Carrie when she arrives with Tommy.When Carrie crowned queen, Cora congratulates her by clapping and smiling. She hands her her bouquet and gives her a congratulatory kiss on the cheek. When the prank is pulled on Carrie, Cora looks shocked and disgusted. When Carrie begins using her powers against the students and teachers, Cora goes with Miss Collins to help Tommy Ross, who had been knocked out by the bucket. While trying to revive Tommy, Miss Collins grabs Cora by her ears to see if she had anything to do with the prank on Carrie or not as the lights go off during Carrie's rage. She, Miss Collins, and a few other students pick up Tommy's body and attempt to carry it out but Collins is knocked away from the group, when others bump into them. Miss Collins is then killed, while Cora is thrown out of view, where she presumably burned to death or electrocuted.

Rhonda Wilson Edit

Rhonda is the sister of Cora Wilson.


Rhonda's Death

She is a member of The Ultras and takes place in the shower prank. She is then forced to be in Miss Collins' detention, and holds her sister's hand when Miss Collins slaps Chris. She is seen sweeping the floor the gym. At the Prom, she sits with her sister and their dates. When Carrie is crowned queen, Rhonda cheers her on. When the prank is pulled Rhonda seems shocked, but eventually bursts into laughter with everyone else. When Carrie uses her powers against the students and teachers, Rhonda presumably runs around in horror. Rhonda helps Collins, Cora and a few others to carry Tommy's body out, until a few others bump into them causing Collins to be separated and thrown out of view. When Carrie leaves the burning prom Rhonda is shown running with another student.

Personality Edit

Cora Edit

Cora strongly dislikes Carrie, even berating her when she fails to hit the volleyball at the beginning. She was one of the girls that threw tampons at Carrie. It is possible her opinion on Carrie changed at the end, as she congratulates her and Tommy Ross when they became Prom King and Queen. She lost any remaining respect for Carrie when she snaps and begins a massacre, known as The Black Prom.

Rhonda Edit

Rhonda prefers to bully among others. This isn't peer pressure at the least, it's because she wouldn't dare talk smack to someone at her size. Ironically, she's stampeded by a crowd during The Black Prom. Rhonda ignores Carrie during most of her time, and finally reveals her true personality, savagely throwing tampons and pads at Carrie, under no one's orders.

Rhonda's Quotes Edit

  • Plug it up! Plug it up! Plug it up! Plug it u- (interupted by Miss Collins; her voice stands out)

Cora's Quotes Edit

  • Look at her! Just standing there! She can't even hit the ball.
  • Gross! Gross! Gross!
  • PLUG IT UP! (Her scream is also heard during Carrie's hallucination)
  • OH MY GOD! BLOOD! (With high-pitched voice)
  • We’re here. (when Miss Collins is taking roll call)
  • NO, HE'S DEAD! (When Miss Collin's asks if she was part of the prank)



  • The twin sisters reappear in the 2013 remake as Nicki and Lizzy Watson.
  • In the script Cora and Rhonda are more like Donna and Mary Lila Grace Thibodeau, acting more as twins.
  • They are based on The Thibodeau Sisters from the novel.
  • Rhonda's name was given from Rhonda Simard who was a student at Ewen High School and Cora's name was given from Cora Simard who was Rhonda's mother from the novel.
  • Neither are ever referred to by name in the film, only surname. However, Cora's name is seen on the voting ballot, which is odd since she seems to help count the ballots.
  • In the script when Miss Collins calls out for the sisters they say
    • Here...
    • ... Miss Collins
  • Despite being sisters, Cora had a slightly larger part than Rhonda.
  • In the original script, it is said in the beginning that Rhonda and Cora are sisters but not identical twins, however, the rest of the script refers to them as identical twins, even calling them The Twins a few times. It can be assumed that in the film they are fraternal twins.
  • The twins appear in every film adaptation of Carrie but with different names (except in Carrie 2002)


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