The Beak
The Beak
Name: Frank Green
Role: Secondary Character
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Burned
Portrayed by: Doug Cox

Frank Green also known as The Beak was played by Doug Cox in Carrie (1976).

He is best friend with Tommy and George. He is first seen in Mr Fromm's class, Throwing a paper ball at Norma. Later, he along with Tommy and George are seen going to the tuxedo shop. He dislikes tuxedo with ruffles. He was present at the prom. His prom date was with Cora Wilson and he was the photographer. During the disaster, He, Cora, and a few other students pick up Tommy's body and attempt to carry it out. But it was too late, when others bump into them, Throw them out of view, presumably burning to death.


  • Like Cora, he is nominated Prom King even though they both had a work do. (Cora helps count the ballots, And Frank is the photographer).
  • Like Norma, He is seen all the time wearing a hat.
  • He is based on Freddy Holt from the novel.


The Beak's GalleryEdit

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