The night of the Prom. 73 people died. A few of us survived, but we never talked about that night.
Sue talking to Rachel about The Black Prom
The Black Prom is an event that occurred at Bates High School. The disaster happened on May 25th, 1979.

The Disaster Edit

After being elected King and Queen of the Prom, Tommy and Carrie go up on stage to be congratulated by everyone. Chris and her boyfriend Billy, Who are hiding under the stage, pull the rope that was tied to a bucket of pig's blood. Dropping the bucket on Carrie, covering her with blood. Then the bucket falls on Tommy's head, killing him. All of the people are disgusted and shocked. But because of Norma's laughter, Carrie suffers a hallucination where everyone is laughing at her, and Carrie begins crying aloud on stage. Suddenly, Carrie's humiliation and sadness changes to uncontrollable rage. Carrie than realizes that Freddy, Norma, and Kenny are trying to escape the Prom. Delusioned and enraged, she unleashes telekinetic powers, slamming the doors shut and locking them, and  all the spotlights turn red. Freddy and Kenny open one of the doors, but the door slams on them, crushing and trapping them in the process. Realizing they can't get out, some students begin to worry. Students also rush to the door the help get Freddy and Kenny out of the door. During this, Carrie activates a fire hose and begins spraying down several of the students and teachers. Panic suddenly engulfs all the students. Helen and Ruth try to escape, but both are sprayed and they fell to the ground, Norma is sprayed until she falls on a hard table killing her, and Julia is then seen running away from the hose. A student attempts to grab the hose and turn it off, but he loses control of it and accidentally sprays the spotlights instead, causing them short circuit, showering sparks on the students on the panicking students. Mr. Morton and Mr. Fromm try to calm the students down, But Carrie sprays the microphone, causing Mr. Morton to be electrocuted and falls on top of 2 male students. Miss Collins, along with George, Frieda, Cora, Rhonda, The Beak, and Ernest attempted to flee, carrying Tommy's body. Trudy, Pollack, and Alice are running away when they get pushed into a corner presumably electrocuted. It is revealed at this point that a terrified Chris and Billy are watching Carrie's rampage outside the school, through the windows. Miss Collins and the students almost reach the door, but a few panicked students bump into them, causing Miss Collins to be separated from the rest of the people. Carrie, who's too enraged to see a friend from foe, sends a basketball goal post smashing Miss Collins's waist, killing her. Mr. Fromm then falls to the lights, electrocuting him. Due to the amount of electricity rushing through him, his skin catches fire, burning him alive. Sparks from the lights and the burning Mr .Fromm set the blue curtain on fire. As Chris and Billy flee for their lives, the fire spreads from the stage and engulfs the flammable gym floor and tables. Carrie leaves the flaming stage while the remaining students can do nothing but panic, scream, and cry. Katie's body can be seen being dragged across away from the flames and Tim makes a run away from the flames along with Elenor, Pete and Prom Girl. The spotlights and the remaining electrical equipment catch fire,  and burning decorations fall to the ground. Carrie exits the burning prom, and then seals the last door shut, ensuring no survivors.

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  • According to the poster, The Senior Prom is on Friday, May 25th from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. This means that the events of the film take place in 1979 the same year that takes place in the novel.
  • There is an error Because the Prom would have started at 9:00 p.m. But according to Mrs. Snell, It was 8:00 pm.
  • When Sue arrives at the school, There were three couples seen outside. But their fates were unknown.
  • It is revealed in The Rage: Carrie 2, that the school was completely destroyed by the fire, and the burnt remains are seen in the movie. 
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The Senior Prom poster

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