The Mortimer Snerds
Name of Group: The Mortimer Snerds
Role: Villains
Status of Members: Deceased
Cause of Deaths: Smashed into a fire door: Heather
Fell off the bleachers: Red Dress Girl
Trampled: Nicki and Lizzy
Incinerated: Tina
Unknown Fates: Myra and Rachel
Smashed through a windshield and burned in an explosion: Chris
Portrayed by:

Portia Doubleday (Chris)
Gabriella Wilde (Sue)
Zoe Belkin (Tina)
Samantha Weinstein (Heather)
Karissa Strain (Nicki)
Katie Strain (Lizzy)
Annie Chen (Myra)
Natalie Dale (Rachel)
N/A (Red Dress Girl)

The Mortimer Snerds are a clique of popular girls led by Chris Hargensen. They are the main antagonists of the 2013 remake. All members, except Myra Crewes and Rachel Spies who's fates were unknown, were killed at The Black Prom at the hands of Carrie White.



  • It seems that all of The Mortimer Snerds except for Sue, Heather, Myra, Rachel and Red Dress Girl were involved in the prank. Heather was originally aware of the prank, however, Samantha Weinstein believes that she wasn't in the final cut. Nicki and Lizzy are never confirmed to have been a part of the prank, however, they seem to be aware that something was coming.


The Mortimer Snerd's DeathsEdit