The Ultras
The Ultras (1976)
Name of Group: The Ultras
Role: Villains
Status of Members: Deceased
Cause of Deaths: Sprayed with Water Hose: Norma and Katie
Knocked Over: Helen, Cora and Julia
Burned: Patricia, Rhonda, Alice, TrudyRuth and Mary Lila
Burned in explosion: Chris
Portrayed by:

Nancy Allen (Chris)
Amy Irving (Sue)
P. J. Soles (Norma)
Edie McClurg (Helen)
Deirdre Berthrong (Rhonda)
Cindy Daly (Cora)
Sharon Benson (Ruth)
Terry Bolo (Trudy)
Katie Irving (Katie)
Janie Squire (Julia)
Unknown (Alice)
Unknown (Patricia)
Unknown (Mary Lila)
Unknown (Mary)

The Ultras are a clique of popular girls led by Chris Hargensen. They are the main antagonists of the 1976 film. They all die at the hands of Carrie White, Except Sue and Mary.



  • Cora, Katie and Mary Lila were the only Ultars to be running for Prom Queen.
  • Sue would have also been running for Prom Queen, But since she asked her boyfriend, Tommy Ross to take Carrie White to the Prom instead of her, She was replaced with Carrie.
  • The order that the Ultras died were:
    • Helen - Knocked by a table and burned
    • Norma - Sprayed by the firehose, knocked on to a table hard and burned
    • Katie - Sprayed by the firehose, knocked unconscious and burned
    • Cora and Julia - Knocked by students and pressumably trampled to death or burned
    • Patricia and Trudy - Burned or electrocuted
    • Rhonda, Alice, Mary Lila and Ruth - Burned


The Ultras Death's