• Almost all the characters' names are nicknames:
    • Carrie = Carrietta
    • Sue = Susan
    • Tommy = Thomas
    • Chris = Christine
    • Billy = William
    • Tina = Christina
    • Jackie = Jackson
    • Kenny = Kenneth
    • Stella = Estelle
    • Nicki = Nicole
    • Lizzy = Elizabeth
  • It is interesting to note that Helen Shyres has never been portrayed accurately:
    • In the book, she is Sue's best friend. But is meaner to Carrie than her 2002
    • The 1976 version is simply a bully to Carrie and isn't Sue's best friend.
    • The 2002 is the most accurate portrayel. The character is mostly right for the first half, being Sue's best friend and a tormenter, but during the prom she becomes Frieda Jason and even briefly Sue Snell.
    • Helen does not physically appear, however, there is a character named Heather, who is a close equivalent. Though she is one of Carrie's main bullies and never attempts to help her.

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