Vic Mooney was a character in Carrie (Novel).

He was the Ewen High School Senior President (along with Norma Watson) who announced the Prom King and Queen. When the prank occurred, Vic was one of the people who laughed at Carrie and he was one of the 11 survivors of The Black Prom Vic met with Sheriff Doyle and he told him everything that happened in the prom. He suffered burns because of minor voltage he received and his hair was up. He had a crazy expression, a mixture of happiness and terror. Sheriff Doyle started to slap him to stop his craziness, until Vic did put his head down out of guilt. when he told about the evil prank against Carrie and Tommy.

Rhonda Simard's death caused him to have a severe mental breakdown and was sent to an asylum. He later testified at the White Commission, while he was still there.

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